Offices and Workspace in Palm Beach


We have a wide range of Class A workspaces for individuals and teams with terms as short as three months or as long as two years. Units are available fully furnished or unfurnished and all include our workplace features and amenities. This combination offers more space efficiency and value than nearly any other office rental alternative. 



The Maestro

THE BEST in INDividual offices...

Maestro offices are the ultimate professional individual workspace. Each is custom furnished with extensive work surfaces, storage and guest seating.

The Solo

everything you need... a private office at a value price. These beautiful enclosed workstations are filled with natural light and include extensive work surfaces and storage at hand.


The Overture

For new businesses...

The Overture workstation is a low cost workplace without sacrificing comfort and image. Overture workstations are located in open areas and include a full work surface, locking pedestal, and ergonomic desk chair.

The Symphony Suites

for work groups...

SymphonySuites are for larger businesses needing a private suite with the flexibility and amenities of a business center. The most cost effective alternative for smaller space tenants.